13 Awesome Classical Music Things that Happened in 2014

This is my version of a year-end list. There are a million blogs out there about the best classical recordings and performances of 2014. Go read them too. But for pure classical music awesomeness, this is the place. (Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know, it's not comprehensive. So, feel free to leave more awesome classical happenings in … Continue reading 13 Awesome Classical Music Things that Happened in 2014

Concert-going for the Affluent: A Takedown

I've been going to classical music concerts for as long as I can remember. At this point in my life, I attend about 40-50 concerts each year. But apparently, I've been clapping wrong this whole time. That is, if Joy Weaver is to believed, I am most definitely applauding incorrectly. How to do it properly … Continue reading Concert-going for the Affluent: A Takedown

Music and The Wall

I was seven years old when the Berlin Wall came down. It was one of the first world events I remember. My parents, sister, and I gathered around our TV and watched the fuzzy images stream into our living room. I didn't fully grasp the enormity of the moment, but I knew something big was … Continue reading Music and The Wall

An “Independence Referendum Day” Scotify Playlist

As voters in Scotland decide whether or not to remain a part of the United Kingdom today, here is a playlist of some of the best classical music to come out of Scotland. (I especially like the bagpipe cameo in Davies' "An Orkney Wedding With Sunrise.") And despite her Italian name, violinist Nicola Benedetti--who just … Continue reading An “Independence Referendum Day” Scotify Playlist

Here Are The Best Beatles Covers On Spotify

You're welcome.There are nearly 250 Beatles covers here. That adds up to more than 14 hours of music. So, you could hop in your car and drive from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon without hearing the same song twice.I've put it in alphabetical order, so it's easy to find a specific song. (At least I … Continue reading Here Are The Best Beatles Covers On Spotify

Report: NFL Asks Coldplay to Pay to Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show

This is not satire. This is #truth. According to the Wall Street Journal, the NFL is asking the three finalists for the Super Bowl Halftime Show to pony up some ca$h for the privilege of doing what they do for a living. From the article: The NFL has narrowed down the list of potential performers … Continue reading Report: NFL Asks Coldplay to Pay to Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Foolish Classics

I love April Fools' Day. A day to stop taking ourselves too seriously, which is certainly a problem in the world of classical music. So to help, here are a few videos of classical music pieces and performances on the lighter side. 1. Sir Malcolm Arnold: A Grand, Grand Overture - features vacuum cleaners, a … Continue reading Foolish Classics

Domingo To Take It Up A Notch

With 144 roles and nearly 3,700 performances under his belt in repertoire ranging from Mozart to Berlioz to Wagner to Ginastera, there's little that 73-year-old Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo can't do--and hasn't done already in his illustrious 57-year professional singing career. Add one more thing to that long list. Domingo announced this week he will sing his … Continue reading Domingo To Take It Up A Notch

2014 LA Phil Radio Broadcasts

Below you'll find the complete listings of the 2014 LA Philharmonic radio broadcasts, which begin locally on KUSC this Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. (National syndication continues this season as well, with air dates/times varying by market.) A few things about this year's series, which I'm particularly excited about: 5 world premieres (all are LA … Continue reading 2014 LA Phil Radio Broadcasts