Domingo To Take It Up A Notch

With 144 roles and nearly 3,700 performances under his belt in repertoire ranging from Mozart to Berlioz to Wagner to Ginastera, there's little that 73-year-old Spanish tenor Plácido Domingo can't do--and hasn't done already in his illustrious 57-year professional singing career. Add one more thing to that long list. Domingo announced this week he will sing his … Continue reading Domingo To Take It Up A Notch


Do Not Give a Dollar to the Opera: A Takedown

This week, Gawker--the website that has brought us such gems as "The Top Nine Videos Of Babies Farting And/Or Laughing With Kittens" and "I Can’t Stop Looking at This Weird Chinese Goat"--published an article with the headline "Do Not Give a Dollar to the Opera." I have copied and pasted the "meat" (read: three-day-old cafeteria … Continue reading Do Not Give a Dollar to the Opera: A Takedown

7 Operas that Make the VMAs Seem Chaste

On Sunday evening, millions of Americans tuned in to the MTV Video Music Awards. They were treated to a show that included, among other things, Lady Gaga's butt and Miley Cyrus twerking on Beetlejuice. Freakout ensued. Then came this pseudo-defense of Miley. I was fortunate enough to miss the broadcast--I was at the Hollywood Bowl … Continue reading 7 Operas that Make the VMAs Seem Chaste

Happy 200th, Richard Wagner

"I write music with an exclamation point!" -Richard Wagner There's no middle ground on Richard Wagner. You either love him or hate him. Correction: there is a kind of middle ground that most people, including me, dwell in. To oversimplify, it is this: love the art; hate the artist. Wagner was a despicable man. He … Continue reading Happy 200th, Richard Wagner

Got $86? Want Wagner?

With the Fiscal Cliff™ negotiations behind us and the payroll tax holiday officially over, households making $75,000 a year will see their taxes increase by about $70-$80 per month. As our dollars seem to get us less and less each year, we have to look for better and better bargains. Thankfully, for fans of the … Continue reading Got $86? Want Wagner?