Got $86? Want Wagner?

With the Fiscal Cliff™ negotiations behind us and the payroll tax holiday officially over, households making $75,000 a year will see their taxes increase by about $70-$80 per month. As our dollars seem to get us less and less each year, we have to look for better and better bargains. Thankfully, for fans of the … Continue reading Got $86? Want Wagner?

Got 10 Bucks? Want Sibelius Symphonies?

Hat tip to Nico Muhly of all people for this one. The other day he tweeted: As a huge fan of the Osmo Vänskä cycle of Sibelius symphonies with the Lahti Symphony recorded in 1996-97, I checked the link. "Like free," turns out to be $9.99, but I see Muhly's point. Less than 10 bucks … Continue reading Got 10 Bucks? Want Sibelius Symphonies?