Mozart at the Bat

With opening week of the new baseball season upon us, I was thinking about the various songs the players choose for their walk-up music as they head up to bat. It's totally their choice and the picks range from something with a good thumping bass to get the adrenaline flowing to music of menace and … Continue reading Mozart at the Bat

Coming to a Concert Hall Near You: A Zombie Apocalypse

'Tis the season for new season announcements from orchestras across the United States and already there's a trend: dead composers. Now, I listen to dead people as much as the next guy, but I also love new music. Part of what makes classical music so great is that the new stuff builds on, refines, and … Continue reading Coming to a Concert Hall Near You: A Zombie Apocalypse

Concert-going for the Affluent: A Takedown

I've been going to classical music concerts for as long as I can remember. At this point in my life, I attend about 40-50 concerts each year. But apparently, I've been clapping wrong this whole time. That is, if Joy Weaver is to believed, I am most definitely applauding incorrectly. How to do it properly … Continue reading Concert-going for the Affluent: A Takedown

Arrested Development & Recapitulation

First of all, credit where credit is due: my puntastic colleague at KUSC, @JamiePaisley, created this, and many other, TV ad posters during our recent pledge drive. As a rabid fan of Arrested Development, this one was my favorite. And it got me thinking: what if the cast of AD were made up of classical … Continue reading Arrested Development & Recapitulation