A Classical Christmas

Let's face it, most Christmas music is lame. And it's that same lame Christmas music that gets blared over loudspeakers in shopping malls all across this great country of ours. Ask most people about classical Christmas music and they'll probably say something about that horrifying version of Pachelbel's Canon in D by an electronic group that … Continue reading A Classical Christmas

12 Pieces of Classical Christmas Music in Case You’re Sick of Mariah Carey

For what it's worth, I actually like that Mariah Carey Christmas song. I know I'll take some heat for that, but whatever, I don't really care. It's a well-crafted pop song (if that's possible), which doesn't sound dated (it's nearly 20 years old) like most pop music does after like two weeks. Side note: Mariah … Continue reading 12 Pieces of Classical Christmas Music in Case You’re Sick of Mariah Carey

Out-of-Context Christmas Song Lyrics

We know these songs well. So well, in fact, we probably don't pay too much attention to what the lyrics actually say. Which, to me, seemed like something worthy of exploration. When considered independently of their song's context, the lyrics to our standard canon of Christmas songs range from hilarious to creepy to risqué. "Man, … Continue reading Out-of-Context Christmas Song Lyrics

Christmas Music That’s Actually Good

A while back I did a thing for the KUSC blog where I picked my Top 10 Classical Christmas Picks. (Actually, it ended up being a Top 12 list, but whatever.) Here's an updated version of that post. But you won't hear any of that music blaring over the loudspeakers at your favorite shopping mall. … Continue reading Christmas Music That’s Actually Good