Peter Sellars on the Threat of Cultural Impositionalism

On the flight to London last week, Air New Zealand had loaded up a bunch of James Bond movies on the monitors in our seats. An appropriate gesture, I think, to get us in the mood for our final destination. Naturally, I got sucked in. I watched 007 besting bad guys all the way from … Continue reading Peter Sellars on the Threat of Cultural Impositionalism

Arrival in London

Greetings from London! After a long, bumpy flight--complete with a two-hour line for a manual check-in with handwritten boarding passes (ask me about that later when I'm not grumpy)--I, along with 10 YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) musicians, ages 14-16 arrived in London town this morning. We were immediately greeted by something quite familiar to … Continue reading Arrival in London

LA Phil 2013-14: By the Numbers

Much has already been written about the LA Phil's new 2013-14 season, just announced yesterday at Walt Disney Concert Hall. (In my estimation, the most insightful summations come from Mr. CK Dexter Haven at All is Yar and Timothy Mangan at Classical Life.) As orchestras around the country hemorrhage audiences, money, and relevance, a few--like … Continue reading LA Phil 2013-14: By the Numbers