I’ll Pick Your Burgers

Yesterday my neighborhood smelled terrific! The aromas of charcoal and grilled meat wafting down the block as the Memorial Day holiday unofficially ushered in summer. As the month of May winds down and our grills heat up…the following is a tribute to the mighty hamburger.

May is National Hamburger Month here in the United States. Coincidentally it is also National Barbeque Month (makes sense), National Salad Month (in case you feel guilty), and National Blood Pressure Month (so you don’t die).

Grilling is a way of life here in Southern California. Grill season runs from about February through November. But sometimes you just want a good burger without all the other hassles (read: clean-up) of DIY. And so, I present my Five Favorite Burgers in Los Angeles. First, a couple of ground rules: Continue reading