LA Phil 2015-16: By the Numbers


The LA Phil has announced its 2015-16 season–Gustavo Dudamel’s seventh as music director–and there is a lot to be excited about. As has become my custom, I leave most of the punditry to others (All is Yar and Classical Life are always good places to start). I always like to run the numbers on each new season at the LA Phil. Here’s how 2015-16 looks:

  • 12 commissions, 12 world premieres, 6 U.S. premieres, and 7 West Coast premieres. This breaks a previous LA Phil record for presentation of new music. The orchestra has never presented as many as 12 world premieres in a single season.
  • In 2015-16, the LA Phil and visiting artists will present music by 8 different Baroque composers; 5 Classical-era composers; 22 Romantics; and 72 20th and 21st Century composers.
  • That’s 7% Baroque, 5% Classical, 21% Romantic, and 67% 20th/21st Century
  • Of the 107 composers on the 2015-16 season, 42 are living. That’s 39%.
  • From those 42 living composers, the LA Phil will present 53 different works.
  • (For comparison’s sake, in 2015-16 the New York Philharmonic will present works from 12 different living composers; Chicago – 7; Philadelphia – 5. More here.)
  • An even 200 works on the 2015-16 season: 26 Baroque, 19 Classical, 53 Romantic, and 102 from the 20th/21st Century.
  • That’s 13% Baroque, 9.5% Classical, 26.5% Romantic, and 51% Modern.
  • Of the 19 Classical-era works, 13 are by Mozart and 3 are by Haydn. (84%)
  • The most performed composers of the season will be Beethoven (16), Bach (14), Mozart (13), and Arvo Pärt (7).
  • In 2015-16, the LA Phil turns 97 years old, Walt Disney Concert Hall celebrates its 12th birthday, and Gustavo Dudamel has four years left on his contract as LA Phil music director.

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2 thoughts on “LA Phil 2015-16: By the Numbers

  1. This is phenomenal news. I was afraid, when I read the headline in the Times this morning, that the LA Phil was turning away from contemporary music and reverting to All Beethoven All The Time. Thanks, Gustavo, Deborah and Chad for keeping Los Angeles at the vanguard of today’s music!
    Marshall Rutter

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