Kenneth Turan on 2013 Oscar Nominations

Here I am chatting with LA Times and Arts Alive film critic Kenneth Turan about this year’s Oscar nominations. Surprises, omissions, and *gasp* perhaps a snub in a minor category?

For more from Turan, including his thoughts on the 1971 Claude Sautet policier Max et les Ferrailleurs, tune into Arts Alive this Saturday morning at 8:00 on Classical KUSC.


3 thoughts on “Kenneth Turan on 2013 Oscar Nominations

  1. I’ve just returned from wahtcing Dark Knight. It’s dark. Like the last Bond movie, it seems more real, like real people and plots that could actually exist rather than cartoon fantasies. I predict you’ll enjoy it. Wall-Eis next on my list.

    1. Haha! Well…he reviews movies every week on my radio program, Arts Alive. So, yeah, we talk frequently. Usually the exec producer of the show does the chats with KT, but when she’s away I do them. Sure helps me come Oscar prognostication season. 🙂

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