The Worst Classical Album Covers Of All Time. Ever. Really. (part 2)

Last week I shared with you a few of my favorite terrible album covers and I promised you more. Assuming you have sufficiently recovered from the first batch, let’s dive into part two.

Appropriate album cover or the stuff of nightmares?

Liszt Concertos … field of wheat. I get it. (I don’t)

Maybe the photo shoot was the day after MTT watched this documentary.

Darling, I think something’s wrong with my glasses

Beware the killer pigeon! (Salome would be proud.)

And beware the killed pigeon.

What should I expect from a symphony about a bad acid trip? Why, conjoined twins attached at the eyeball, of course

It ain’t over until she sings. Tristan probably wishes Brangäne hadn’t switched the poison to a love potion.

Glad to see Ravel is getting in on that street art trend. How hard do you think it is to tag the sky?

And on that totally radical note, I will wrap up this exploration of The Worst Classical Album Covers Of All Time. Thanks to you for coming along for the ride!

2 thoughts on “The Worst Classical Album Covers Of All Time. Ever. Really. (part 2)

    1. Thanks so much for helping to pootrme Enation! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them and hearing them play live and I can honestly say they are not only very talented, but also humble, appreciative and just plain real! They make it so easy to be a fan which is a big part of how/why they won your contest. The 5 fantabulous members of Enation deserve every good thing that comes their way including a billboard in Times Square!!!

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