Arrival in London

Greetings from London! After a long, bumpy flight--complete with a two-hour line for a manual check-in with handwritten boarding passes (ask me about that later when I'm not grumpy)--I, along with 10 YOLA (Youth Orchestra Los Angeles) musicians, ages 14-16 arrived in London town this morning. We were immediately greeted by something quite familiar to … Continue reading Arrival in London

A Visit to the Valley…not THAT Valley

Back from vacation with a pile of work awaiting me. Production on the 2011-2012 LA Philharmonic concert broadcast series is complete--the final broadcasts are this Sunday and next. They are great ones: Sir Simon Rattle and Magdalena Kožená performing music of Ligeti, Wagner, Mahler, and Bruckner; and Gustavo Dudamel leading a cast of about 1,400 … Continue reading A Visit to the Valley…not THAT Valley

The Joy of Music: A Skeptic’s Encounter

As a journalist, I am paid to be cynical. It's my job to voice skepticism and to demand truth in the face of spin. Having heard so much about the Venezuelan music education network known as El Sistema, it's tempting for me to be dismissive.  Surely the PR machine has carefully scripted the narrative for … Continue reading The Joy of Music: A Skeptic’s Encounter

A Venezuelan Debut

Sunday, February 12th. Today is an off day for the musicians of the LA Philharmonic. Following their triumphant Venezuelan debut last night, LA Phil officials smartly decided to avoid any concert or educational activities on this day and Venezuelans will be headed to the polls for the opposition party’s primaries. Elections here in Venezuela have … Continue reading A Venezuelan Debut